Deaf Centre Kwale

In 2017, Umoja opened the Deaf Centre in Kwale – a living/working facility for deaf young adults that also serves as a regional community center and national sports accommodation. There is also guest accommodation for  visitors who come from all parts of the world.

The Centre accommodates up to 20 young, deaf adults of both sexes at any one time. Many have first attended Kwale’s Craft School which Umoja also set up.

The young people can stay at the Centre for up to Two years. In this time our coaches guide the young people in ways of running their own household effectively and finding a job. The work can be permanent or temporary and in many different fields- recently they have found work in construction- some have been supported to establish their own company business.

Work experience places are also developed from the Deaf Centre. The snack shop and a hair salon in the village of Kwale provide placements where these young people can gain experience and skills in real life working situations. In this way The Centre builds important  bridges with the hearing world. These bridges are invaluable in giving these young people an alternative to returning back to the family home and an opportunity to create a successful independent life – one in which they can create their own family, in their own home with an income from their own work.


The Centre made the national news when it opened as the first such specialist centre deaf young people in Kenya.

The project owes its existence to one sponsor in particular- Bert Geysendorpher founder and director of Promovendum / Stichting ‘t Groenland.  Geysendorpher is himself a child of deaf parents. The Centre’s existence was largely enabled by his generous financial contribution.

Carl van Kuijck oversaw the design and construction from inception to realisation. He has created a unique environment that provides the space and facilities where all aspects of these people’s lives – work, learning, sport, culture and recreation can be promoted and nurtured.

Community centre and national sports field
The Deaf Center also functions as a community hub for the region. it provides a venue for conferences, business support, meetings and training sessions for both deaf and hearing people.

The site is equipped with a number of modern purpose built surfaces for a range of sports including; volleyball, basketball and football. The sports accommodation is used for many national events. There are also a number of local basketball and volleyball teams based here. They are open to men and women.


Internationaal gastenverblijf
In het Dovencentrum is een aantal gastenverblijven gesitueerd. Het gaat om ruime, eenvoudig maar sfeervol ingerichte kamers met één of twee bedden. Op de kamer is een wasbak. Er is een gemeenschappelijke doucheruimte.
Tot nu toe worden de kamers vooral gebruikt door mensen uit Nederland die op een of andere manier betrokken zijn bij stichting Umoja of een connectie hebben met de ‘dovenwereld’. In principe zijn de kamers beschikbaar voor iedereen die een overnachtingsplek zoekt in Zuid-Oost Kenia. Dus ook als u met (werk)vakantie bent in deze regio, kunt u op het Dovencentrum overnachten. U betaalt een leuke prijs waarmee u heel direct bijdraagt aan het bestaan van het Dovencentrum. De kamers worden onderhouden door de jongeren van het Dovencentrum. Zij verzorgen desgewenst ontbijt, lunch en diner.


filmpje Deaf Centre